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Different versions fit different requirement
Everspry Automated Shoeprint Matcher is a software solution that provides curso analisis de datos EBAC high speed and high accuracy shoeprint recognition for law enforcement departments. The
Extended version enables fast shoeprint matching on the server-side of large-scale shoeprint recognition system, while the Standalone version is designed to be run
on a common PC.
  • Available delployed in server cluster or single PC
  • Crime scene shoeprint, manufacturer reference supported
  • Scalable cluster architecture
  • Suitable for text search
Architecture Chart
Features and Capabilities
  • EverASM Extended is a server-side solution that provides a matching engine for shoeprint automated search, and accepts requests from client-side software
    via police internal network.
  • EverASM Standalone is designed to be run on a PC with Core i7 processor of 16GB RAM. This version does not include any hardware and is shipped on an
    installation CD that includes automated shoeprint recognition software.
  • Multiple modalities support. EverASM can be used within a shoeprint recognition system that contains templates with any number of crime scene shoeprint,
    suspect exemplar, or manufacturer reference.
  • Automated recognition. EverASM is automated from feature extraction to matching.
  • Scalable architecture. Multiple EverASM units can be combined together in a cluster for higher matching speed and higher data processing capability.
  • suitable for text search. Specific text condition is available for searching.
Different law enforcement departments may have specific system performance requirements. Everspry Shoeprint Recognition Matcher system can be fully customized
and configured based on the required matching speed, database size or system availability:
  • Single Everspry Automated Shoeprint Matcher Standalone or Extended unit
  • Cluster of Everspry Automated Shoeprint Matcher Extended units
It is possible to use more than one matching server within a shoeprint recognition project to reach optimal system performance and/or availability.
Client-side software
Everspry Automated Shoeprint Matcher Extended is a server-side solution that is used for automated shoeprint recognition and accepts tasks from client-side software.

Integrators develop client-side software according to their needs and then deploy the system as a whole.

The client-side software can be operated by people other than footwear examiners. Thus, the workload can be shifted away from experienced experts to people with
minimal amount of training.

Everspry provides the components and samples for developing the client-side software to communicate with Everspry Automated Shoeprint Matcher.


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